2nd visit

Hi baby, we meet again today.

The last few weeks have been exhausting. I feel like my energy has drained to an all time low. im tired all the time. its not even feeling lazy. its that my mind wanna do things but my flesh is weak.

the nausea is creeping in and i can feel the heartburns in the late afternoons. the urge to pee in the middle of the night is also happening! Nooooo!!! i need my sleep!

Cravings? not yet! phew.

Today is our 2nd appointment with Dr Siow. as usual we were looking forward to the ultrasound. baby is now in a sac and the yolk sac can be seen. this is a diamond ring effect because the whole image looks like a diamond ring! (the yolk sac is attached to the baby and it looks like a diamond ring). baby is now 2.2mm. it is more accurate now as the images are clearer. based on the ultrasound, we are now 6 weeks and edd is 16 March 2015.

Dr Siow also noted that i have polycystic ovaries and have prescribed Utrogestan (hormone pills) to be taken twice a day (100mg). This is to support the pregnancy and to help baby to grow well and safe. No problem! anything for you, my baby.

We also did blood test (i like!) to ensure that all is well, especially so when my family has history of Thalessemia.

But thank god that hubs does not have this condition so it doesnt matter if i do.

Today’s bill at Dr Siow cost us a whooping $480. we are gonna be penniless before we even meet you, baby!



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