best birthday present ever!

Today’s appointment with Dr Siow was amazing.

The moment he scanned, we saw baby doing a little wave at us. Those tiny hands… i cant wait to hold. It was hubs birthday and he was overjoyed to see our baby saying hi to him, as if wishing him happy birthday. Happy indeed!

Blood test also came back fine! thank goodness!

Today we also heard the heartbeat for the first time. 160 beats. dop dop dop dop dop. baby has grown to 25.9mm. Our little bean is now so clear to us with the arms and legs. Everything seems to be forming nicely. 😉

Nausea has also increased significantly with my first merlion puke (5x in a row) one evening. the uncontrollable urge to puke caught me by surprise.

the Utrogestan is also not working for me orally so i started to insert it vaginally. uncomfortable as it may be, baby im doing this for you.

Dr Siow offered to let us sign the anenatal package today (week 9) which would set us back by $1,712 for 16 visits (includes Consultation and Ultrasound). the forums all mentioned other gynaes charging $600 – $800 averagely. We decided to hold while we searched for an alternative.

Today we also made our appointment for the Oscar Scan (which is to test for down syndrome by measuring the thickness of the neck and nose of baby).

i cant wait to see you again.



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