My discovery of iHerb!

In the past few years, I’ve been buying supplements from It was a great site – and still is. But my brother-in-law just recommended me another site that appears to be better! iHerb sells lots of stuff like spices, herbs, health food, superfood, skin care, supplements, protein shakes and more!

iHerb Website



What’s more, you can get up to $10 free credit off your first order if you use this link to sign up for an account!


we tested a few times but today was the most clear.

the previous few times showed up a very faint 2nd line. But i assumed it was the cheapo watsons brand pregnancy kit which is giving this error.

today, we used ClearBlue and the 2nd line showed up as clear as ever.

Oh gosh…… whats next? this is definitely not planned.