Shopee made me pay for a parcel that was lost by J&T

I am a casual seller on Shopee and see about 1 to 5 orders per week.

A few weeks ago, one of my customers raised a Refund Request saying that he has yet to receive the item.

I checked and verified that I had shipped the correct item, to the correct address (can’t get this wrong because the shipment can only go to the address indicated by the buyer) and J&T had marked the item as successfully delivered.

I raised a dispute on the refund request, making reference to the obvious delivery status as “Delivered”. To my surprise, Shopee went ahead to refund the customer (at my expense) without even clarifying with me.

I raised another dispute via chat and email and was told that the refund was released before J&T even came back with the refund. Seriously? My profit for this order is only about $2-$3 but now, I am making a full loss on the item because the customer claimed that the item was “lost”.

Now, to be honest, I find this suspicious but I have no proof that the customer indeed received the parcel. However, this is between J&T and the customer. I’ve done my job.

Till now, Shopee has yet to rectify the issue. I have been penalised with the following:

  1. Full loss on the item delivered to the customer as Shopee refunded the customer at my expense even though it was delivered successfully
  2. 1 penalty point strike on my seller account because of this “non-fulfillment”

I’m not sure when will I get an answer to this but this is a warning to all would-be sellers on Shopee that customers and Shopee can pull stunts on you like this.