Free shipping from Amazon US to Singapore!

After checking out Kiddy Palace and several other shops in Singapore, I took down the price of some of the Mustela products for comparison – like a typical uncle. Ooops, I don’t think uncles even do such thing! Very auntie right?!

I know that some stuff from Amazon are cheaper and some even offers free shipping to Singapore (Accumulated cart amount of USD$125) so I decided to see if it makes sense to order some of our baby stuff from Amazon instead.

For example, Mustela Hydra-Bebe Body Lotion costs USD$13.59 (~S$17.40) on Amazon while the exact same product costs S$23.80 at Kiddy Palace. Sure, the savings amount to only about S$6 per bottle but if we purchase 10 bottles to meet the USD$125 of purchases, we would have enjoyed $60 in savings plus free delivery!

Another product that is eligible for free shipping from is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Starter Set, Girl … have a look for yourself how cute it is:

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Starter Set, Girl

 From the looks of it, it isn’t really hard to hit USD$125 of spending!

Here are some of the other things that we are considering:

Half way mark!

Week 20 Day 5!

So we are half way into this pregnancy now. yay me. good job mama.

We went for the detailed scan (also known as FA- Fetal Anomaly test). This is a detailed scan where the sonographer takes a close look at the baby and the womb in general. The main parts of the baby is scanned to ensure the baby growth is going on well.

The sonographer will examine all your baby’s organs and take measurements. She will look at:

  • The shape and structure of your baby’s head. At this stage severe brain problems, which happen very rarely, are visible.
  • Your baby’s face, to check for a cleft lip. Cleft palates inside a baby’s mouth are hard to see and are not often picked up.
  • Your baby’s spine, both along its length, and in cross section, to make sure that all the bones align, and that the skin covers the spine at the back.
  • Your baby’s abdominal wall, to make sure it covers all the internal organs at the front, as well as check the placenta, umbilical cord and the amniotic fluid (FASP 2012b).
  • Your baby’s heart. The top two chambers (atria) and the bottom two chambers (ventricles) should be equal in size. The valves should open and close with each heartbeat. Your sonographer will also examine the major veins and arteries which carry blood to and from your baby’s heart (FASP 2012a).
  • Your baby’s stomach. Your baby swallows some of the amniotic fluid that he lies in, which is seen in his stomach as a black bubble.
  • Your baby’s kidneys. The sonographer will check that your baby has two kidneys, and that urine flows freely into his bladder. If your baby’s bladder is empty, it should fill up during the scan and be easy to see. Your baby has been doing a wee every half an hour or so for some months now!
  • Your baby’s arms, legs, hands and feet. The sonographer will look at your baby’s fingers and toes.

(extracted from Baby Centre)

Well it was quite an interesting experience. i found out that my baby is too active! she was not in the right position most of the time, so the sonographer had alot of difficulty scanning the parts. like when she wanted to scan the hands, one hand would be clenched and the other is open. when she wanted to scan the heart beat, she would move and the sonographer had to retry to grab the heartbeat as it has to be taken in a sequence.

this is our baby’s hand when she was slightly more cooperative! her fingers showing so clearly and looks like giving us a hi 5.


i had to turn to my side and the sonographer also tried to “disturb” the baby by shaking my tummy, to try to irritate her to turn into the right position, but to no avail. i was also very amused to see my baby turning and flipping in there, yawning and stretching. arching her back as she stretched after waking up from a nap. awwww.. mama finds you so cute! as we went to a third party scanning centre, they were not in the position to explain the results. their job was to just scan and then they would send the scans to my gynae who would explain the results to us. so the visit to gynae happened a week later and glad to know that baby is growing well and good. thank god!

over the last few weeks, we also splurged on some other big ticket items. other than the cot and steriliser, we finally found the perfect car seat.


we saw this car seat at Robinsons and as we had some vouchers to spend, we decided to get this Red one to match our car. I think car seat is very important as we hope to bring our baby out often and safety is of course number 1. i know people say that babies dont sit in car seat, but i rather be prepared than not. and well, we will try our best to train her to be comfy in the car seat. maybe if she knows thats her special seat in the car and that sitting in this seat means gai gai, that would do the trick? hehe. we will see when she is out!

next thing we purchased was a wardrobe. when we did up our new house, we didnt plan for a build in wardrobe in the spare room. with the baby coming along, we decided to get a wardrobe to accomodate her clothes and all the baby items. we thought of buying a simple one from ikea, but as much as it was cheap, the quality was not so good. we managed to find one quite solid from a furniture shop at genting lane which mom brought us to. and the requirement fits exactly what we need! we didnt want a kids wardrobe per se, and we wanted something to match our house. so this shop managed to take in our requirement to drill in a 2nd hanging bar, as baby clothes are quite small so the 2nd bar would be perfect and space saving. there was also alot of shelves in the wardrobe so it was good and affordable.

finally had the chance to hang all her pretty clothes and i feel so happy looking at them!


our prenatal classes are starting soon in november. so excited. i still remember when we first signed up, we were somewhere in the 1st trimester. and now, we are all ready to attend classes, ready to be parents, ready to bring our baby into this world.

psst, anyone feels like me? baby seems like she is using my bladder as her punching bag. i can feel so urgent suddenly but when i run to the toilet, there is nothing much. argh. baby, kick somewhere else pls!


i cant wait for the next visit to the gynae. i love to see how our baby has grown each time we see her on the screen. up to now, she is 290grams and perhaps the size of a banana. hee.

i am also very thankful for the hubs who have been very supportive and helpful in this pregnnancy, he does most of the housework and when we go out, he tries not to let me carry too many things. and oh, he also satisfies all my cravings no matter how tired he is and he urmmm eats up the food which i order and cant finish. haha! thats why they say the papa also put on weight right. heee.. thats what going thru pregnancy together is all about!

alright, till the next update!

 6 Confinement Myths that you should know

Confinement Food

This is Daddy’s first post … got to share this because some people believed too strongly in confinement myths to the extent of making it a hell month for the mother. Well, not in my house! My wife shall be allowed to make her own informed decision about the “rules” of confinement.


In TCM, a woman loses large amounts of Qi and blood during childbirth, putting her body in a “cold” phase. This is why Chinese culture recommends a month-long period of “confinement” for the new mother. These weeks of rest and a modified diet are intended to restore the mother’s balance and return her to full health.

While certain confinement practices are common, it’s a bad idea to follow them blindly. Discover the truth behind the myths from a TCM perspective.

Myth: Do not drink plain water

This comes from the belief that drinking plain water causes water retention or will cool down the body too much.

The truth: There is no harm in drinking plain water. In fact, because new mothers tend to sweat heavily because of hormonal changes, they have all the more reason to drink water and keep hydrated. However, new mothers should be encouraged to drink warm water instead of cold water.

Myth: Consume alcohol

Drinking alcoholic beverages or eating dishes cooked with alcohol is thought to boost blood circulation and warm up the body.

The truth: It is correct that alcohol is used in TCM to expel cold and promote circulation. That said, new mothers should not regard alcohol as essential to their recovery. In fact, nursing mothers should avoid alcohol, since it can be passed on to their baby through breast milk.

Myth: Do not shower or wash one’s hair

Contact with water is thought to cause “wind” to enter the body and lead to headaches and rheumatism later in life. This taboo may have originated from northern China of the past. Since water quickly became freezing because of the cold weather, it was easy to catch a chill from bathing.

The truth: It is perfectly fine to continue one’s bathing habits. Besides maintaining personal comfort, regular bathing helps prevent skin and wound infections. However, the mother should not bathe with cold water. She should also dry her body immediately after bathing to prevent exposure to cold air.

Myth: Consume plenty of herbal supplements

Since childbirth drains a woman of Qi, it is recommended that she stock up on specific herbal soups and dishes that boost energy and blood.

The truth: Since every woman’s health profile is different, she may not benefit from the same remedies that help others. It is better to consult a qualified TCM physician for personalised advice and treatment.

That said, one dietary recommendation can be generalised to all new mothers. In TCM, it is best to avoid cooling foods during confinement. Eating such foods carry a risk of harming one’s Spleen and Stomach and hampering recovery. Foods to avoid include bamboo shoots, bananas, crabs and oysters.

Myth: Do not read or cry

Childbirth is thought to weaken the Liver, which is linked to the eyes. Therefore, one should avoid putting stress on the eyes by reading or crying. Otherwise, one might experience eye problems later in life.

The truth:There is no basis for the belief that reading or crying would lead to eye problems. However, TCM experts do hold that the large loss of blood during childbirth may weaken the eyes. This is because blood is related to the Liver, which is associated with the eyes. Regular consumption of Liver-protecting foods, such as Chinese Wolfberries, would help maintain eye health.

Myth: Wear warm clothing and do not use fans and air-conditioning

As with bathing, any exposure to cool air is said to cause “wind” to enter the body and lead to health problems later in life.

The truth: The key here is moderation. The new mother should do what makes her comfortable. In a hot and humid climate, fans and air conditioners may even be essential for preventing heat rash. However, the new mother should not let the fan or air-conditioner blow directly on her