Week 34

Week 34.

Its 3 weeks to full term at 37 weeks! Omg I am really getting the jitters. How will baby look like? How will her personality be? Will she look like mummy or daddy? Dr siow has predicted that she will be about 2.8-3kg at birth, and although I was hoping for a 3.2-3.5kg but that’s okay, as long as she comes out healthy and I have a smooth delivery.

No one will ever understand how im feeling and what im going through now. The aches and pain, the pushing pressure on the pelvic area, the sleepless nights, the anxiety, and most of all, the one that is getting on my nerves the most, incontinence!!! I feel like I cant control my pee and poop. Sometimes the pelvic pressure is so strong I feel like im going to pee on my pants. And when I do run to the toilet, it is just a dribble. Sigh!

But I know I will miss the kicks and pushes I get in my tummy now, the only special feeling that only I can experience and the only bond I have with my baby. No one comes close to having this 40 weeks of personal bonding time. Hee. Okay, daddy sometimes get the kicks and punches, but it feels so special for me to be able to feel and protect the baby 24/7.

As we prepare to welcome her arrival, we have started to wash her clothes (we realised we got too much clothes!!!), and her towels and swaddles and bed sheets. We also packed our hospital bags in case of any emergency. I just need to throw in my toiletries and clothes. Over the next few weeks we will also install the car seat and check out if our stroller can fit into our hatch back boot.

Im starting to feel heavy and clumsy that I had a small fall last Friday. I was sort of rushing to the toilet and I didn’t see a little kerb. So it seem that it all happened slow motion style, I remember that I was trying to protect my belly and from falling flat so the impact from the fall was on my left knee and left palm. And then the next thing I knew, hubs ran over but by the time he ran over I was standing already and I just said I needed to go pee. And then in the washroom, there was a throbbing pain on my knee. Oh yes and I remember when I fell, I heard a lot of people muttering “she fell she fell”, sorry to say but no one came to help me up. ;( I googled abit about falling down in the 3rd tri and it seems that it should be ok as long as no direct impact on the belly. But my mom and in laws were concerned so hubs and I emailed Dr Siow just to inform him and to ask if there is anything to look out for. But so far, I guess it was just like a roller coaster to baby, she is well protected by the amniotic fluid and shouldn’t have any impact. Phew. First and hopefully last scare in this pregnancy.

I realised that as the pregnancy progresses, the more anxious I get about baby’s safety. Not so much about what I been through but its more of the love that been growing for this baby. I want to see her and I want to hold her, I want her to be healthy and safe. That’s why I guess they say a mother’s love is always the strongest.

Am starting to keep my colleagues in the loop for my work matters, just 3 more weeks to full term and anything can happen from there. Although baby may choose to stay in until 40 weeks since its so comfy in there, but lets see. Perhaps the next time I update will be her birth story. Heh.

Till then, time to relax and get more sleep!