The last 2 weeks, I noticed a growth spurt. My tummy significant grew bigger, my appetite grew, my aches grew, my exhaustion grew, but on the bright side, it also means baby grew!

Baby movements are also more distinct now, when im lying on the bed and looking at my bump, I can actually see physical movements on the tummy! Its like baby is rolling around and having the time of her life. Im so happy that baby is active. Mummy worries start from the time they are in the tummy. And all I ever wanted was to be able to feel her so that I know everything is okay. There were a few days where I didn’t exactly feel much movement and I got very worried, to the extent that I wanted to just go to Dr Siow to make sure its ok. Not that he can do anything if something is really not ok but I guess for a peace of mind.

We also purchased most of the big ticket items, our car seat and playpen arrived last weekend.

Another big decision we made was who will be the primary caregiver for our baby. Of course the best option was to have my mom take care of her when I return to work after maternity. But she needs to work. The next option was to send to infant care. We explored a few options around the hubs office or my office or around our house area, but it was all on wait list. Plus it is about $1000 for infant care. Which also means our lifestyle will be impacted. After work we have to rush to pick babygirl and then go home and still need to do housework, get dinner, spend time with babygirl. We figured our life will go abit mad. An opportunity came along for us to take over a transfer maid. Someone who took care of 3 kids previously but now all 3 kids are grown up and the family doesn’t need a maid anymore. We struggled with the fact that our home will now have a stranger. But I guess it all made sense as we discussed this option. She could help us with housework, which means we have more time to spend with babygirl. It is also half the cost of infant care. With the extra pair of hands, I guess its more pros than cons. This lady also have experience taking care of babies and been in Singapore for a while now, so I guess its worth a try. We wont need to rush home after work, we have help with household chores, help with our babygirl as first time parents and we know our babygirl will have dedicated care. I am really praying that this decision we make will be a great help rather than a burden.

We also started our antenatal classes! It is a series of 6 classes held by Parent Craft at Mt Alvernia. The courses are conducted by Dietitians, Physiotherapists and specialists to help new parents be mentally and physically prepared for childbirth and the arrival of the baby. The first lesson taught us on nutrition needs during pregnancy. It was quite interesting to understand what is a myth and what is supported by scientific research. For example, eating watermelon is a myth. People always say it is very “liang” (cooling) and no good for pregnancy but turns out it is a myth! On the other hand, pineapple has been proven to contain some enzyme which is not good for pregnancy when eaten in excess. Well what I learnt what, everything in moderation is fine! Haha. The next few lessons will teach us good sitting and sleeping postures, massage techniques for daddies to massage mummies, stages of labour, signs of labour, delivery methods, and basic breastfeeding. The course is $203.30 if you are delivering in Mt A!

We are nearing Trimester 3, and as much as I am happy and glad that this pregnancy has been rather smooth so far, I am praying that baby will continue to grow well and I will have a smooth delivery. So far I have gained maybe 1kg. Dr Siow said that it is ok as long as baby is growing.

Thank God for the smooth pregnancy so far, for supportive family and friends, for having a healthy body to carry the baby, and most of all, for the best daddy my baby can have. Thanks hubs for being there and going through this with me all the way.