So i thought that it would be the Birth Story post after my last post which was at Week 34. Looks like babygirl is too comfy in there!

Our visits to Dr Siow is now weekly. And i was still worried that she would make her star appearance during CNY. Dr Siow told us he would be away and if anything, his partner would take over. I was not planning on that, i mean Dr Siow has been the primary gynae all this while, i do hope he is also the one to deliver our baby (especially after paying so much!) haha.

The GBS swab test which involved swabbing a sample in the vagina to test for Strep B came back negative, yay. It means i do not need antibiotics during natural delivery. We also started on the CTG scans on our weekly visits to monitor the baby heartbeat and contractions. So far nothing special, she is still comfy in there, heartbeats good.. no contractions… Also started to discuss on birthing plans. After reading up on epidural and speaking with a few friends, i almost decided on going for natural without epidural (not so much about saving the $500, but its more of the side effects of epidural). I think my pain threshold is quite ok, so if i hang in there, i should be able to tahan, but i wouldnt know until of course i experience it. Dr Siow also said that for first time moms, its better to take because we cant anticipate the pain and no point tolerating it and end up having no energy to push or even worst end up hyperventilating.

But……………….. alas……………….. our dear baby girl decided to keep growing and not making her grand appearance. of course this means that her weight is going up…. and this means that the chance for natural birth is going down. The last measured weight was 3.5kg last Saturday. Yes this measurement is only an estimate and that it could be 10% to 20% off. I also know of people who are small sized and can deliver a 3.8kg baby naturally. But Dr Siow said we have to see the progress of the labour, if my pelvic is not large enough, baby may not come through the birth canal and we have to go with a c sec. of course whatever it takes to have both mom and baby safe and sound. We shall see…

So far the belly has been growing, the belly button has popped out, the stretchmarks are crazy shit, its harder and harder to sleep, i tend to get anxious and pee trips have increased, getting out of bed is tiring. Even my clothes are so limited now. I hardly go out of the house for fear of waterbag bursting. And yes i feel like a heater, even with the aircon and a fan blowing at me, i feel like its SO BLOODY HOT! i need snow! i need ice! i need cold cold cold cold wind! yes i sound like OLAF. haha.

Daddy Toh and i are very excited and everyday we are just hoping ” this is it!” ┬ábut so far, there is no bloody show (pun intended)! i intended for anytime from March, but i didnt know she will really take her time. We have prepared most of the things, set up her cot, set up the stroller, diaper bag and car seat.. all we need is the baby!

Hopefully my next entry will be her birth story.

Baby girl, dont take too long! Papa and Mama cant wait to hold you in our arms.