Shopping starts!

I couldnt help it when i walked in to H&M baby section.

I picked out a set of onesie and beanie for baby. As we do not know the gender yet, it was a very neutral brown/white set.

hopefully baby sees that we are already preparing for his/her arrival and be good in there for the next 34 weeks!

First time we meet

Under recommendations from bff, we decided to check out the gynae she has been seeing – Dr Siow from Gleneagles.

We decided to make our first appointment on 5 July because we were still in a little denial and probably wanted to make sure that the ClearBlue was working well. The last few weeks of anxiety was enough to bear and its time to make it clear today!

We arranged our appointment at about 10am, which coincides with bff’s appointment time, but bff went into labour early that morning! so anyway, hubs and i made our way to the clinic not knowing what to expect.

upon reaching the hospital and doing the necessary administrative registration work, first they tested my urine and then blood pressure. height and weight was also taken. the nurses were very friendly and helpful and attentive, i felt less anxious now.

okay so now its time to see the doctor. how would he be?

Dr Siow is very friendly, he has a smile on his face, and felt quite at ease speaking with him. he calculated our EDD date based on my last period (20 May 2014), and did an ultrasound to check out whats in there. He managed to scan a tinyyyyyyyyyyy bean, just a few mm big. He said this could be very early pregnancy but definitely there is something in there!

well as much as we are quite relieved to see that bean, this is the start of something we have not planned!!

wish us luck!


we tested a few times but today was the most clear.

the previous few times showed up a very faint 2nd line. But i assumed it was the cheapo watsons brand pregnancy kit which is giving this error.

today, we used ClearBlue and the 2nd line showed up as clear as ever.

Oh gosh…… whats next? this is definitely not planned.