10 more weeks!


Today, we hit the big 3! Has 30 weeks just past like that?

I was telling the husband the other day that I really loved trimester 2 and that it seemed the fastest. But truth is, tri 1 and tri 3 is the fastest. Because by the time you find out you are pregnant, it would likely be half way thru tri 1. And then in tri 3, depending on when you deliver, tri 3 may not be the full trimester anyway.

The last visit to Dr Siow was also good. I passed the GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), they smsed to say my results are normal. So next up is the GBS swab test at Week 35, this is just to make sure there is no bacteria, this is to prepare for natural delivery where baby will pass through the birth canal and out. If there is bacteria detected around the private regions, then have to administer antibiotics prior to the delivery. So praying that I don’t have such complications.

It has been quite good that my pregnancy has been uneventful in a good way. Im just praying for it to continue being a smooth and safe for me and baby.

We are almost prepared with the essentials. Now all we need is to get ready our documents, prepare the hospital bag and to wash baby clothes and items. Waiting for our helper to join us on 1 Jan and we can go full steam into washing and sterilising. My colleague ask what happens if my water bag burst at work? Told me to prepare a towel in office and in the car. Im freaking out. What if it really happens? Can I still drive to the hospital? Or will I be in too much pain? Should I ask hubs to come to fetch me there? Or should I dump my car and take a cab? Will I be able to have a proper shower before I deliver? Argh!

These days it has also been quite tiring for me physically, walking around or even sitting too long causes a lot of pain everywhere. The back especially. Some days my legs hurt and feel swollen. And the skin on my belly feels like its stretched to the max and is going to tear apart. Some days I ask hubs if the baby is going to come out from my belly button because it is so sore and painful. I know the belly will be stretching more in the next few weeks and im just going to relish in the last 10 weeks of baby in me and cherish these moments (and pain) before I get to see my baby princess.

I cant wait to see her, honestly I am a mix of feelings. Excited and nervous. Excited over seeing this human being that I been growing and protecting and how she would look like. But nervous over the whole delivery process and if it would be smooth. Pain is one thing, I just hope both of us will be safe.

10 more weeks, baby girl. See you soon!