i found my energy!

maternity pillow


So i mentioned earlier about a maternity pillow to help support the back and tummy. Overall to make sleeping more comfy for mummy to be. hubs bought this maternity pillow for me –  a giant U shape which acts as a back support, a pillow and a bolster. so instead of my pillow fortress i been building the past weeks (think : one to prop my feet up, one for the head, one for the back and one bolster), this pillow came in at the right time!

i had to destroy my fortress and use solely this because it is so huge! i can almost chase hubs off the bed with all my pillows etc. hahaaa..


so far it has been quite comfy, im not sure if its because i have entered tri 2 and my energy is coming back, i dont wake up feeling exhausted and like i been hit by a truck. my nausea has also greatly reduced and my appetite is much better.

talking bout appetite, non-preggie ladies will never understand how food can be so important and how cravings have to be settled no matter what. all mummies to be wants the best for their body and baby, so although we know that certain food eaten in excess is bad, i always stand by the belief that everything taken in moderation is ok. all the prohibited food like raw food, liang food, alcohol should be avoided at all costs.

1 more week to seeing our baby, i cant wait to see how much baby has grown. i also cant wait to find out the gender. baby pls be good so doctor can scan you in a good position… hehee for once, pls sit with your legs open!