Week 16

Today is Week 16!

im amazed at how far and fast we have come. When we first found out, we were about 6 weeks. has it really already been 10 weeks since? Baby has also grown from a small pea to the size of an apple now. keep growing my dear baby. mama cant wait to see you.

so the nausea has almost disappeared. except for yesterday where i was rushing about places and perhaps also the heat and haze, when i got back office and finally sat down, i had to go n puke. other than that, i am feeling awesome. i still get tired easily especially walking long distance or climbing up stairs, but thats normal. its different from the 1st tri exhaustion. i also started to get frequent backaches. thank god for hubs who help to massage my back. talking bout that, its time to book my prenatal massage!

we havent done much baby shopping lately, also because we are waiting to find out baby gender. so shopping is on hold at the moment! this week hopefully when we see Dr Siow on Sat, we can find out. I also hope that baby is growing well. Every gynae visit is filled with alot of anticipation and what ifs. thats the mummy worry right from even before baby is out.

most of my clothes now dont fit. i started to wear maternity wear, thank god for ASOS!!! i wish they would realised i bought so much and send me a special discount code. hahahah! sometimes i try to be stubborn and try to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes and when it gets too tight n unbreathable i get so mad i wanna throw away all the clothes. so just to save myself the grief, i just wear loose fitting maternity wear now.

ok we have about 24 weeks left and we have to get our engines started on the rest of our baby items. baby cot, car seat, breast pump.

Off to hong kong next week for a babymoon! baby’s first holiday 😉