Is our favourite Milo drink killing us slowly?

As most of you might have read, tests on animals show that Palm Oil could be carcinogenic, i.e. cancer causing! Whilst there are many processed food out there that contains palm oil, some of you may not realise that your favourite beverage, Milo, at least the local version, contains palm oil. That would explain why your Milo mugs are significantly oily after drinking Milo from it.

Then came reports that Palm Oil is only¬†carcinogenic if heated above 200 degrees Celsius during the refining process. Given that consumers like us have totally zero visibility on the refining process, I personally feel that it is safer to just skip products with Palm Oil as much as we can. Of course, I didn’t go into detail about the exact contaminant (glycidyl ester) responsible for the toxicity of Palm Oil refined at high temperatures. You can click the links to read more if you are interested.

Now to finish the few packets of Milo refills before hopping onto the Australian version.



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