Make money by using your computer’s idling time

Most of us have a computer in a form of a desktop or notebook at home, school or at work. Did you know that there are companies willing to pay you to let them use your computer and internet connection to do performance audits of other websites? The first thing that comes to your mind may be privacy concerns. I have been a user of Gomez Peer Zone for more than 5 years and never had to worry about security and privacy. Gomez Peer runs in a sandbox and in the background. They primarily provide performance testing services for their clients and will pay you for “processing time”.

The catch? Applications are approved manually and by their needs. For example, if they have a project that requires performance testing from participants from Singapore, you will be likely to be accepted within a week or two. Minimum payout is US$5 and your earnings will roll over to the next month if you did not hit US$5 that month.

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