Week 12 Day 7

Visit to Dr Siow on Saturday went good. our NT scan results came back surprisingly good. so we are less concern about the down syndrome now. phew. next visit in a month’s time. my first take of blood pressure was slightly high, and they were abit concerned but i figured it was all the rushing from work to gleneagles and then the stressin to find a carpark and make it to our appointment on time. they retook my blood pressure at the end of the appointment with Dr Siow and it came back all good. phewwwww… all this stress…

By the way, we decided to include our Wish List as you can see on the right side, if you guys have any hand me downs or know of any good deals, please feel free to share! If you are feeling generous and not sure of what to buy for our baby, hehehehee, you can refer to that list too. 🙂

I am finally done with the Utrogestan but it also means i am now on various vitamins to ensure healthy growth of the fetus. Hubs ordered these supplements from iherb which was delivered to our doorstep within a week! He did extensive research on the type of supplements to take to ensure that the quantity of vitamins are enough per dosage and that i do not overlap any vitamins and that they are easy to consume. i really hate those giant capsules, i find it so hard to swallow and i end up gagging on it. bahh.


We also checked out Baby Kingdom and Baby Hyperstore at Kaki Bukit on Saturday. The choices were great, prices were average, not like they were the cheapest around, but i guess it was a good place to go to compare our options.

Baby’s Hyperstore : 69 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore 417947

Baby Kingdom : 83 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 417954 

Both open till 9pm. More convenient if you drive as it is an industrial area!

Oh yes, and the other thing very terrible about being pregnant is….. CONSTIPATION. i have already been drinking yakult and eating lots of fruits and drinking lots of water, but sometimes it just wont come out! and when it does, it is so painful that i can murder someone. bahhhh. so dear mummys-to-be, keep eating fruits to keep the output smooth!

I am about into Week 13, so just for records, no i cant feel the baby movement YET and i have no idea on the gender either. baby is only about 6cm and still forming the main organs and stuff so ask me in about 7 weeks again! and yes, pls ask permission if you would like to touch the baby bump. i am very sensitive to people touching me and more so that now there isnt any movement that you can feel so why are you touching me!! argh.


Ok! onward to Week 13. jia you jia you jiayou!





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