Week 11 Day 1

Today is awful. Woke up feeling like i got hit by a truck.

whole body aching, didnt have a good night sleep, feeling tired and nauseous.
Changed in and out of many outfits just because i felt like it doesnt fit, i dont look nice, its hideous, makes me uncomfortable etc. Finally decided on an outfit and out of the house i went. LATE.

Dragged myself to work because my 2 team mates are out for a recruitment fair and im supposed to be holding the fort in office.

I have to walk up a flight of stairs to reach my office, and today i walked up half way and i felt giddy. held on to the wall and slowly made my way up. sat down and felt nauseous. my skirt suddenly became tighter. my top became uncomfortable. i just dont know whats wrong. everything feels wrong today.

gonna head out for the nearest mall during lunch to get some new pants/skirt. im just feeling too uncomfortable right now.

baby,thank you for reminding me you are always there.


red meat

Over the last few days.. i developed a strong craving for steak. I dont know how to explain how i feel but when i eat steak i feel so happy and satisfied. When i was eating steak on friday.. i told the hubs that i wished it was a magic piece which will not disappear as i eat. Yes im aware i have gone mad.

Today is sunday and the craving came back. Doesnt help that i saw my cousin’s instagram that she had a nice piece of juicy steak. I kept looking at that picture and my craving steadily increased. The hubs doesnt take beef so i tried asking my mom if she would like to go for steak dinner. Their request was that i was to pick them. Who on earth asks a preggie woman to be the driver!!

Anyway after i reached home…i felt so tired and my baby never fails to remind me of his/her presence by the 5pm nausea waves. Plus i suddenly had ear block today. I cant seem to hear properly and i can hear my own breathing which really sux. All this combined to making me feel really lousy. My clothes are so snug.

Anyway i told my mom im tired and dont wanna drive.. she says ok rest well. I suddenly burst out crying. I tink it is a combination of all factors making me feel so horrible today. The blocked ears… the nausea…. the headache… the lack of steak. 🙁

But its okay. This too, shall pass.

never too late~!

Half way through Week 10 now.

Yesterday I felt extra suffocated so I had to go buy new undergarments. My bff said that she changed twice, so I kept that in mind not to get too many new ones. Got 3 new ones and that costs me $120ish! Oh well, comfort is number 1 right?

These days, we started looking out for baby fairs, many of our friends said that they got good deals at these fairs, but of course the downside was to squeeze through the crowd. And I reckon that it would be a good time for us to go now when my big tummy has not shown up. I also heard the crowd at such fairs are unfeeling and they will push and bump into you as though you are not pregnant.

There is 2 baby fairs going on next week in fact, one at Expo Hall 4 and one at Suntec. Both Friday – Sunday. 11am – 9pm. Im hoping to make it for the Expo one on Friday evening, hopefully the crowd is not so thick, and the suntec one on Sat as I will already be in town area for my Oscar scan.

Recently I also sent in enquiries to quote for a Confinement Lady from agencies. We are still undecided if we should hire a confinement nanny for the 28 days confinement period, or get my MIL or my mom to help. But the problem is that both our moms are working, they could take turns and we wont need them to cook as we can cater confinement meals. This will kinda ease their load. We probably only need help in taking care of baby especially since we are first time parents and this family support is well appreciated.

Next we started thinking about Cot or Playpen. Cots are study and hard and babies may stick their hand and legs out which may pose as a danger. Playpens are soft and safe, but it also means that it may be bad for baby’s spine cos of the softness of it. Both seem to be adjustable according to age so it wont pose as a problem.

And then the next important big item is stroller and car seat. Although I find that we do not need a $500 or $700 stroller/pram, I still need to find a suitable one, hopefully a one hand operation, not too heavy, can fit into my car boot and must be able to support weight of a baby bag hung on it. Car Seat has to be easy to install, back facing, light. Im not sure if I want the kind where there is a handle so we can transport baby out together with the car seat as and when we need to.

Oh gosh, so many things to consider and money doesn’t fall from the sky.

But its never too late to start thinking about all these!