red meat

Over the last few days.. i developed a strong craving for steak. I dont know how to explain how i feel but when i eat steak i feel so happy and satisfied. When i was eating steak on friday.. i told the hubs that i wished it was a magic piece which will not disappear as i eat. Yes im aware i have gone mad.

Today is sunday and the craving came back. Doesnt help that i saw my cousin’s instagram that she had a nice piece of juicy steak. I kept looking at that picture and my craving steadily increased. The hubs doesnt take beef so i tried asking my mom if she would like to go for steak dinner. Their request was that i was to pick them. Who on earth asks a preggie woman to be the driver!!

Anyway after i reached home…i felt so tired and my baby never fails to remind me of his/her presence by the 5pm nausea waves. Plus i suddenly had ear block today. I cant seem to hear properly and i can hear my own breathing which really sux. All this combined to making me feel really lousy. My clothes are so snug.

Anyway i told my mom im tired and dont wanna drive.. she says ok rest well. I suddenly burst out crying. I tink it is a combination of all factors making me feel so horrible today. The blocked ears… the nausea…. the headache… the lack of steak. 🙁

But its okay. This too, shall pass.



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