Week 11 Day 1

Today is awful. Woke up feeling like i got hit by a truck.

whole body aching, didnt have a good night sleep, feeling tired and nauseous.
Changed in and out of many outfits just because i felt like it doesnt fit, i dont look nice, its hideous, makes me uncomfortable etc. Finally decided on an outfit and out of the house i went. LATE.

Dragged myself to work because my 2 team mates are out for a recruitment fair and im supposed to be holding the fort in office.

I have to walk up a flight of stairs to reach my office, and today i walked up half way and i felt giddy. held on to the wall and slowly made my way up. sat down and felt nauseous. my skirt suddenly became tighter. my top became uncomfortable. i just dont know whats wrong. everything feels wrong today.

gonna head out for the nearest mall during lunch to get some new pants/skirt. im just feeling too uncomfortable right now.

baby,thank you for reminding me you are always there.




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