i read some articles to say that why pregnant women get cravings is trying to make up for what they are lacking of. Ie shortage of magnesium causes a craving in chocolates or grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and green vegetables such as spinach and shortage of protein causes cravings in meat and low in sugar makes u crave for sweet stuff. it is quite amazing because it is as if the body knows what you are lacking and makes you make up for it.

over the past weeks, i found out my real craving. the top 3 craving that i have would be………

1) STEAK! i know i can no longer have my medium so i have it well done and im ok with it as long as i have my steak! i dont need lawrys or mortons, even a jacks place or astons can curb my craving. and if i dont get my steak when i ask for it………. good luck to you! the preggie mama will turn crazy!


2) Chicken Rice! Must be roasted chicken breast with fragrant rice and i need my black sauce! i dont take spicy so chilli is not the concern for me. i just need the yummy pieces of chicken together with rice and black sauce. mmmmmm lucky for me, this dish is quite readily available and not expensive! hee.


3) Apples!! i dont know how and when i realised i got this craving. i started eating apples as a snack to have some fibre in my diet. Then i started to study apples and realised there were some kind of apples i do not like at all. one of which is gala apples. the flesh is too mushy for my liking. and i have been introduced to Envy Apples which is DA BEST!!!!! it is so crunchy and sweet. omg. but i have to say that it is not a cheap craving. we managed to find Envy Apples at Cold Storage for $2.45 per apple! bff told me that it could be found in NTUC for 6 for $3.50 thereabouts. an alternative is Rose Apples which are equally crunchy but not as sweet. of course friendlier to the pocket at  perhaps 3 for $2.50.


Other than the occasional cravings for stuff, these are my top 3 constant cravings. I am glad it is not THAT unhealthy. I think i have eaten more apples in the last 2 months than in my whole life. haha. also good because it helps in the pooing section. Pregnancy causes constipation so its good to have a healthy diet to ensure smooth output.  hee.

and OH! last Saturday measured Baby at 5cm. grow baby grow!



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