Get your Gillette Fusion Proshield Shaver replacement cartridges cheaper than what it costs in Singapore!

Do you hate the fact that Gillette Shaver cartridges, especially the Fuion series, cost a bomb in Singapore? A quick check shows that a 4-pack cartridge for Gillette Fusion Proshield / Chill costs S$31. That is S$7.75 per cartridge!

Getting them from Amazon will cost just under USD$30 for a 8-pack. Assuming you use one cartridge a month, you already save S$30 per year. And if you are like me who needs 2 cartridges per month, the savings will be almost S$60!

I’ve specially curated the following cartridges that are eligible for free shipping to Singapore upon hitting USD$125 order. Just click on your preferred Gillette cartridge below!



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