Bad service from Toll Global Express

My rating:

I am a frequent a frequent online shopper and have encountered my fair share of horrendous level of services with courier companies.

These are just some of their traits:

  •  They don’t come at the agreed time range. For example, delivery timing of between 2pm – 6pm was arranged but they arrive at 12pm or 7pm.
  • When you  call for re-delivery and ask to send to address B instead of  address A, they agree but still sends to address A resulting in yet another failed delivery.
  • When you call for re-delivery, they will say that they have no more slots and ask if they can deliver X days later
  • When you call for re-delivery, everything appears to be fine but no one turn up. You call to complain and they arrange for re-re-delivery. You leave the premises and the driver turns up when you have already left.
  • Many more …

Recently, I ordered something for my girlfriend and arranged for courier service. The item was shipped on 29th April 2013, arrived in Singapore on 30th April 2013. Everything looked perfect!

1st May was Labour Day so fair enough, they ain’t working. On 2nd May, the courier guy named “Renhao” dropped a delivery advice at my door as he came at 4:25pm when no one was around. I was impressed that he wrote down the colour of my gate and door as proof of attendance (though I’m not sure how my gate is the colour of bleach).

3rd May first thing in the morning, I called up Toll Global Express, the courier company, to arrange for re-delivery. I asked for delivery to my office near Ubi and the staff agreed. I gratefully thanked him and gave him both my mobile numbers just in case the courier guy couldn’t reach me at one of my numbers. Delivery was arranged for 2pm to 6pm on the same day.

At 5:30pm, there was still no news so I called them again. A staff answered and assured me that according to his system records, the delivery will be done by 6pm. I asked him to call the driver to confirm as I am leaving the office at 6pm. He promised to call back.

He didn’t.

I called again at 5:57pm and spoke to another guy. I took his name down this time. He said his colleague had already called the driver but they don’t know where my item is. I was like “WHAT?!”

He said he will check with his supervisor and will call me back. He called me back shortly and said that even his supervisor could not trace my item. He then asked me if he could arrange for re-delivery the very next day.

I asked him how was he going to arrange for re-delivery when none of them know where my item is? He could not give me an answer and just kept asking me whether I can make it for the following morning.

I told him no as I am leaving the house very early in the morning and will be out the entire day.

He also admitted that nobody made arrangement for re-delivery today and asked me who I spoke to. I asked him to check who had updated both my mobile numbers in the system (because he could read them back to me).

He responded sheepishly that they have many new hires and they are sharing a single ID right now which made it impossible to trace who was responsible. Great, now they make THEIR internal problem MINE.

I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said his supervisor is out and he will ask her to call me back later.

I asked him to arrange for a Sunday morning delivery which he said that only his supervisor can approve.

I agreed to let him get his supervisor, Giselle, to call me later to confirm the Sunday morning appointment.

Giselle did not call at all.

Well, let’s see if I get my item on Sunday.

I don’t think that I am unreasonable. I paid premium for courier delivery, I cannot accept the courier company saying that they don’t know where my item was, they don’t know who took my re-delivery request because they were using a common ID, etc. They should call themselves TROLL Global Express.

Toll Global Express's ridiculous service level
Toll Global Express’s ridiculous service level


Update: 5 May 2013

My item appeared magically at my house when I specifically asked for them to deliver to my gf’s place as I wanted to give it to her over the weekend.

No calls, no apologies, still as screwed up.

Thumbs down.



Review: St. Regis Singapore

My rating:

We had a weekend staycation at St. Regis Singapore with J and her family.

The first thing that you will notice as you step into the hotel lobby is the sheer size of it. Our room is located on the 7th floor and like many other hotels, the room keycard is required in the lift to operate it (unless you’re going down to the lobby).

Even though the Executive Deluxe room is the smallest among the rooms and suites in St. Regis, 7 of us could settle down comfortably to watch a movie in the room before  calling it a night Although only 2 adults and a child stayed over in the end, I reckon that all 7 of us could have slept pretty well in there.

Without boring everyone with lengthy descriptions, I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves and will also list the good and the bad, based on my personal observation:


  • Extremely courteous Butler (). We are very appreciative of his professionalism.
  • Grand and spacious lobby
  • Spacious room with thoughtfully planned amenities


  • The kettle was the cheap type and was a mismatch for a hotel of its class. And it was faulty! A call to housekeeping saw it replaced within 5 minutes though.
  • I called a day earlier to ask about the connections available to the TV as I wanted to connect my Android phone to watch movies. I got a verbal confirmation HDMI is supported and that the butler services is able to provide us with a loan of a HDMI cable. However, when I called butler services after check in, I was told that they do not have any HDMI cables and they will only be able to help connect the guest’s own HDMI cable to the TV. Luckily, I brought my own HDMI cable along otherwise we would have no movies to watch.
  • Connecting a HDMI cable requires two staff to lift the TV off the mounting bracket! We feel embarrassed for the hotel.
  • On check out day, we called for assistance to remove the HDMI cable from the TV but no one came. It was already 12:45pm and we were worried about checking out late. A staff came after our chaser phone call but she could not remove the cable and had to page for a technician to help her.

Overall, I still find St. Regis a very good hotel to stay in. Hopefully, we’ll get another chance to stay over and try their bigger rooms next time. I need to clarify that my 4-star rating for this hotel is not the same as the 4 stars awarded to other hotels as St. Regis is a very grand hotel and I am ranking it 4 stars among others hotels of its class.

St. Regis Singapore Lobby
St. Regis Singapore Lobby
Bathroom (Executive Deluxe Room)
Bathroom (Executive Deluxe Room)
Executive Deluxe Room
Executive Deluxe Room
Executive Deluxe Room
Executive Deluxe Room
Watching Iron Man 2 with the rest
Watching Iron Man 2 with the rest
IP Phone
IP Phone


Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant

My rating:

Tambuah Mas is an Indonesian restaurant with branches in Paragon and Tanglin Shopping Centre. We went to the Tanglin branch as we were staying over at St. Regis, just next to Tanglin Shopping Centre.

The place wasn’t really crowded for a Saturday and that’s probably because we were there at about 6:30pm while most of their customers come in after 7. I am pleasant surprised to see that this restaurant is extremely child-friendly. There was no need for us to request for a baby chair, nor did we have to ask for a plastic plate and straw in Ray’s glass of ice water 🙂

For 4 adults and 1 child, we ordered their signature Tahu Telur, Beef Rendang, Sayur Lodeh and Deep Friend Chicken with our rice. We also ordered Es Cendol, Es Teler and Es Gula Melaka for desserts.

The Tahu Telur was pretty nice but we found the spicy-sweet dark sauce a tad too spicy for our liking. Sayur Lodeh is just like Lontong with sambal but without the rice cakes. For a person who seldom take vegetables, I have to say that I can finish the whole dish if I wasn’t sharing with anyone else! The fried chicken was way too dry for my liking and you are hearing this from someone who loves to eat chicken breast. The desserts were nice but nothing to shout about though.

Total bill came up to about $68. Not too bad!

Tahu Telur
Tahu Telur – Fried beancurd with egg served with spicy-sweet dark sauce
Tahu Telur - Fried beancurd with egg served with spicy-sweet dark sauce
Tahu Telur – Fried beancurd with egg served with spicy-sweet dark sauce
Top right - Beef Rendang. Top left - Sayur Lodeh Bottom - Tahu Telur
Top right – Beef Rendang. Top left – Sayur Lodeh
Bottom – Tahu Telur
Deep Fried Chicken
Deep Fried Chicken
Es Teler - Tropical medley of avocado, jackfruit and young coconut meat in coconut milk
Es Teler – Tropical medley of avocado, jackfruit and young coconut meat in coconut milk
Restaurant decor
Restaurant decor

If you’re interested, you can visit their website at