Top 10 reasons why i love being pregnant

This pregnancy was unplanned, I wasn’t ready to go into motherhood, I did not visit any gynae prior to being pregnant and I definitely was not on any supplements to prepare the body for pregnancy. So truth be told, I wasn’t happy when I found out I was pregnant…. That was until the day we first went to the gynae and I saw that little speck on the screen. My heart instantly melted and I knew whether I like it or not, this baby is mine and I have 40 weeks to prepare for it.

We just did up our house and to be honest, we didn’t plan for a baby so fast and hence the reno wasn’t done with consideration of having a baby in the home so soon. Our bed room is a platform bed and that means we have limited space on how to place the cot. If given a choice again, I may just decide to save the money we spent on the platform so that our space will be better utilised. Next, our toilets both have shower screen, I only realised now that that means we will have a tough time bathing the bub. I would have not built a shower screen in one of the toilets so we have the freedom of space to squat in the toilet for showertime. We knocked down one room and converted it to a walk in bed room. I don’t exactly regret this seeing how small the HDB houses are now, but this only mean we have 1 room spare. At the moment, all our junk is stored there. Hah. We did not build a wardrobe for the spare room, which means we have no where to store the bub’s clothes and items now! Its either we buy a off-the-shelf wardrobe and pray it fits properly or we get our contractor to come to make a made-to-measure one. We did not do window grills, obviously cos we thought we could do this later on and save the cost for other things now. Not that we need the window grills now but it would be good to have in time to come when the bub is 1 year old. And we could have saved the hassle of dust and dirt if we did it together during reno.

Other than that, I love being pregnant. Although the first trimester proved to be utterly exhausting and many times I just wish I could rest at home, but I forced myself up to come to work and still lead a normal life, there are reasons why I enjoy going through this.

1)      Its not really about me right now. Its about the baby. Everything I do will affect the baby, and I love it that someone depends on me so much. Plus it was like a little Secret before we could announce. A little secret between the Hubs, the bubs and me!

2)      I don’t feel guilty eating more than usual. I don’t crave for anything unhealthy in particular like sweets or desserts or chips, im thankful that my cravings are like plain water and apples. These are 2 of the items I never used to like but am taking it in large quantity lately. I used to try to eat less of carbo and fried food, but now, hey! Its not me! It’s the baby! Heck it and eat away! HAHA. Guilt Free, yo!

3)      Sleeping. I loveeeeeeeeeeee sleeping! And now, no one can say anything when I am tired and need a snooze. Heheheee

4)      The excitement! We look forward to seeing our gynae so that we can see our bub growing and moving and squirming around. I cant wait for the day I can feel him/her moving in me. This excitement gives me a reason to be happy each day.

5)      I am soooooo pampered and special. The mom makes bird nest for me, the in laws cook for me, the cousins indulge me, the best friend and I have more chats now that she is a new mummy and im soon-to-be, the hubs gives in to me all the time, gives me back rubs till I fall asleep, does the housework, cleans up the dog, carries my bag so I don’t get backache. Who doesn’t love this treatment? HEEE

6)      Anyone loves shopping? I have every reason to spend money now! My clothes don’t fit! I need new clothes! Baby needs clothes too! Hey that onesie is too cute, how about this mitten? Baby need socks! Shopping sans the guilt. *thumbs up*

7)      Having a life who depends on me also motivates me to be happy, to eat healthy, to stay healthy and to eliminate bad habits. This motivation also rubs on the hubs. He has to be healthy to be able to take care of me. When he is sick, I run the risk of falling sick too, and that’s a big nono because preggie mama have limited medication to take! Who doesn’t love a healthy and happy life?

8)      Using pregnancy as an excuse. Yesterday the hubs went to claim carpark but the shopping mall member card was under my name. the counter girl said I have to be there personally to do the claim and the hubs used the magic word “but she is waiting for me there and sheeeeeeeee issssssssss preeeeeeggggggggggnanttttttttttttt”. Woahhhh just like that, she processed and gave hubs the carpark ticket, no 2nd qn asked. When we were dining and I needed to change some dishes cos I couldn’t eat, we just had to go “im pregnant and I cant eat this”. TADA! Like magic!

9)      Conversation starters. Suddenly I reconnected with many of my friends – those who have upgraded to mummy status. We started talking again and the new found conversations are enlightening and I feel that I have a support group going on somewhere.

10)   Knowing that from now on, we will never be just us 2 anymore. Our family is expanding and that’s something to rejoice in.

So hey, not that bad after all! I should relish in this experience before week 40 comes along.

Its week 14 now and I got 26 more weeks to go!





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