Week 16

Today is Week 16!

im amazed at how far and fast we have come. When we first found out, we were about 6 weeks. has it really already been 10 weeks since? Baby has also grown from a small pea to the size of an apple now. keep growing my dear baby. mama cant wait to see you.

so the nausea has almost disappeared. except for yesterday where i was rushing about places and perhaps also the heat and haze, when i got back office and finally sat down, i had to go n puke. other than that, i am feeling awesome. i still get tired easily especially walking long distance or climbing up stairs, but thats normal. its different from the 1st tri exhaustion. i also started to get frequent backaches. thank god for hubs who help to massage my back. talking bout that, its time to book my prenatal massage!

we havent done much baby shopping lately, also because we are waiting to find out baby gender. so shopping is on hold at the moment! this week hopefully when we see Dr Siow on Sat, we can find out. I also hope that baby is growing well. Every gynae visit is filled with alot of anticipation and what ifs. thats the mummy worry right from even before baby is out.

most of my clothes now dont fit. i started to wear maternity wear, thank god for ASOS!!! i wish they would realised i bought so much and send me a special discount code. hahahah! sometimes i try to be stubborn and try to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes and when it gets too tight n unbreathable i get so mad i wanna throw away all the clothes. so just to save myself the grief, i just wear loose fitting maternity wear now.

ok we have about 24 weeks left and we have to get our engines started on the rest of our baby items. baby cot, car seat, breast pump.

Off to hong kong next week for a babymoon! baby’s first holiday 😉


i found my energy!

maternity pillow


So i mentioned earlier about a maternity pillow to help support the back and tummy. Overall to make sleeping more comfy for mummy to be. hubs bought this maternity pillow for me –  a giant U shape which acts as a back support, a pillow and a bolster. so instead of my pillow fortress i been building the past weeks (think : one to prop my feet up, one for the head, one for the back and one bolster), this pillow came in at the right time!

i had to destroy my fortress and use solely this because it is so huge! i can almost chase hubs off the bed with all my pillows etc. hahaaa..


so far it has been quite comfy, im not sure if its because i have entered tri 2 and my energy is coming back, i dont wake up feeling exhausted and like i been hit by a truck. my nausea has also greatly reduced and my appetite is much better.

talking bout appetite, non-preggie ladies will never understand how food can be so important and how cravings have to be settled no matter what. all mummies to be wants the best for their body and baby, so although we know that certain food eaten in excess is bad, i always stand by the belief that everything taken in moderation is ok. all the prohibited food like raw food, liang food, alcohol should be avoided at all costs.

1 more week to seeing our baby, i cant wait to see how much baby has grown. i also cant wait to find out the gender. baby pls be good so doctor can scan you in a good position… hehee for once, pls sit with your legs open!

First fetal movements !

Week 15.

Some nights, before I sleep, I will spend some time rubbing my tummy and just talking to baby. Some days I just lie in bed and think about how different our lives are gonna be with the addition of our little bub. It is an amazing feeling, and while I always said I didn’t want to have a baby now, there is no regrets. I believe the baby is here for a reason and it has changed my perspective of parenthood.

So last night, we had a tiring evening, went to attend a “sales talk” for almost 2 hours, I sat till my back was aching and my eyes was closing. Well even if I was not pregnant, I couldn’t sit through such talks, I usually shut off after an hour, im a person who cant sit still so I have to walk around or do something else. So the 2 hours yesterday proved to be challenging especially being pregnant, I was starting to feel tired. When we got home, and when I was finally in bed, I spent a while rubbing my tummy, and I was reading my phone, the update from Baby Centre says that “Starting this week, any stomach rumblings you feel may be your baby trying out some acrobatics, since she can now move all her limbs. If you don’t feel anything, it’s nothing to worry about, especially if you’re a first-time mum. If this is your first pregnancy, you’re more likely to feel your baby move between 18 and 20 weeks. Your baby is becoming sensitive to light. Anxious to know whether she’s really a she or actually a he? Your baby’s external genitals are probably developed enough by now that your next scan could make a good guess at the sex.”

Ooh! That got me excited cos indeed I have been feeling this tummy rumblings like im hungry, so I tried to hold my palm against my tummy with some pressure, and OH MY GOD, I felt a slight vibration. I thought I got it wrong, so I tried it again and then I felt it, a small fluttery bubbly push against my belly. Called the hubs in to try and he also placed his palm against my tummy and he felt it! At first he thought it was my heartbeat, but soon he realised it was random and it was not in sync with my heartbeat and breathing. So it was baby moving around! I said “baby baby kick again and ill sing you a song!” and then i felt it again. and so i sang twinkle twinkle little star. and then i tried again and it works! so i sand mary had a little lamb. HAH!


So amazing. There is a baby inside me!

I cant wait for the next visit to Dr Siow. I need to see my baby! And I cant wait to see how much he/she has grown.

We are almost 40% into the pregnancy, I need to cherish these moments before I have baby in my arms. Pregnancy is a happy thing and I wanna remember the good moments more than the bad. After all, a happy mummy makes a happy baby, right?